Mixed Eyeball Cabochon Save-A-Bowls(smoking pipe covers) – 50 pcs

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Wholesale mix of eyeball cabochon save-a-bowls. Non-toxic silicone bowl covers for smoking pipes. Good variety of cabochons, 5 different band colors.

Fits 80% of hand pipes on the market. Perfect point of sale and upsell item for your headshop, dispensary, or gift shop.

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Eyeball Cabochon Save-A-Bowls are based on the same size as our original(regular) sized save-a- bowls and fit a wide variety of pipes.

Save-A-Bowl Size – Regular, Cabochon Size – 25mm

These cabochon save-a-bowls have a 25 mm bowl cover like regular save-a-bowls but extend out to cover approximately ~28 – 30mm bowl diameters


Cabochon band:
– Circumferences between 4.6 inches – 7.9 inches
– Bowl diameter up to 25 mm( 1 inch)
– Fits about 80% of the most common pipe sizes and styles. Designed specifically for
medium sized pipes that fit in a pocket, hand bag, back pack etc. but fits many sizes
including a number of Sherlock’s , Gandalf’s, Doughnuts,Glass pipes, traditional wood pipes, metal pipes, and many other smoking pipes

Save-A-Bowl – Material

100% non-toxic silicone made with a new and improved flexible silicone

Save-A-Bowl – Designs

  • Random Mix of in-stock eyeball cabochon colors(50 pcs)
  • Random Mix of in-stock black,red,blue,grey and green bands.**

Save-A-Bowl – Packaging

1 Plastic gum-ball style counter display and lid


** Stock Subject to change without notice

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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