200 pcs 4 Sizes – Mixed Save-A-Bowls


Wholesale lot of Multi-Sized  Save-A-Bowls(small,regular,large,chillum) for smoking pipes. Silicone bowl saver wraps fit glass pipes, wood pipes, metal pipes MSRP ranging from $3.75 – $7.00 each. Retail value over $925



200 pcs Multi sized save-a-bowls with various designs. Retail value of $925

The save-a-bowls offered in this listing will fit a large array smoking pipes.  You will receive 50 pcs of each small, regular, large, and chillum sized save-a-bowls. Together this mix should fit roughly 95% of all smoking pipes.

Save-A-Bowl Size – 4 sizes(regular,small, large, chillum)

Fits novelty glass pipes, traditional wood pipes, metal pipes, and any other smoking pipe with a standard bowl  push of an inch or less and a bowl head measuring between 4.6 inches and 11 inches in circumference.

Save-A-Bowl – Material

100% non-toxic silicone made with a new and improved flexible silicone

Save-A-Bowl – Designs

Random Mix of in-stock designs including leaf and 420 designs(420 friendly designs are currently only available in regular size)

Save-A-Bowl – Packaging

1 Plastic gum-ball style counter display and lid

Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in

No 420 friendly designs, 20% 420 friendly designs, 100% 420 friendly designs


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