Missouri Marijuana Industry is Booming

“Just across the board, you’re seeing an increase in need,” she said. “In the manufacturing and the laboratories even, we’ve actually been staffing for all the entities right now.”

Dispensaries statewide are struggling to keep the shelves stocked, Essex said, so some companies are also hiring temporary “project” employees to get through the “short-term crunches.”

According to DHSS, at the end of February, there were 12,970 individuals with marijuana agent IDs, up from 10,100 at the end of November.

Missouri is seen as the “darling” of the cannabis industry after reaching $102.9 million in sales—$72 million for recreational marijuana—in the first month, said Sloane Barbour, the CEO of engin, a technology platform that helps cannabis companies hire hourly workers.

And Missouri is on pace to become a billion-dollar market.

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