Terms & Conditions

Save-A-Bowl.com Terms and Conditions:

Save-A-Bowl.com is the official wholesale portal for the save-a-bowl product line. We reserve the right to change any and all data on this website anytime without any further notice.

The primary purpose of save-a-bowl.com is to provide a quick and easy ordering method for resellers whom wish to sell our products. There is no need to provide a business or tax identification number unless you reside in the State of Colorado and don’t want to be charged sales tax.


All orders are final!

We make every effort to ship all orders out with in 48 hours. Should we not be able to fulfill your order with-in 48 hrs we will send an email indicating the reason for the delay and new estimated shipping date. You may cancel the order at any point before it ships, however, you may not cancel an order that has already been shipped.( Please refer to Returns & Refunds section below).

** Save-A-Bowl.com reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason. If your order is canceled you will receive a refund and an email indicating the refund and cancellation.


All prices listed on save-a-bowl.com are subject to change without notice, however, you will never be charged more than the price you authorized payment for during checkout.

If we have a sale at any point after your purchase, the difference between the price you paid and the sales price will not be refunded, just as you would not be charged more for orders made before an increase in prices.


Colorado – Since we are based in Colorado, any order that has a billing or shipping address residing in Colorado will be charges the appropriate tax according to the current Colorado State Tax Rate. If you have a Colorado state business license or EIN, you can contact us with this information and we will refund the tax charged on your order upon verification.

All other Stated- Until laws change, orders on save-a-bowl.com will only be taxed if their billing or shipping address is located in our home state of Colorado.


Credit Cards – We accept credit card via paypal. A paypal account is not needed in-order to pay with a credit card, and it is recommended to carefully look over the checkout/payment page to make sure there is no option selected to sign up for a paypal account while you are entering your payment details, unless of course you wish to sign up for paypal at the same time.

Paypal – We accept paypal.

** Because we use paypal as our gateway processor we do not store your payment details and you can be sure your credentials are secured using the most advanced and up to date technology.


Using our images on your website is not allowed without our permission. If you would like to use our images contact us first with details indicating how and why you would like to use them.


The inventory we stock is constantly changing and we might not have specific designs or products available at the time of order. We will make every effort to provide exactly the product(s) described in the product listing, but on occasion we may replace some items with others that provide the same function and have the same price point or higher. The following statement only applies when there are a very small number of products that need to be replaced.

Example 1: Your order 100pcs of  “glass save a bowls”, but we only have a 95 pcs in stock. In this case we will replace the 5 missing glass save a bowls with 5 cabochon save a bowls. Both styles have the same wholesale and retail price, and both are similar in design.

If there is going to be a big difference between what you ordered and what we have in stock we will contact you first with some options.

Example 2: Your order 100pcs of  “glass save a bowls”, but we only have a 80 pcs in stock. In this case we will contact you first and give you a few options including either waiting for us to restock the item, or canceling and refunding the order.


We ship all orders via the United States Postal Service. Most orders will be delivered in 2-3 days from the actual shipping day and may be delivered on a Saturday. The orders will have a tracking number that will be emailed upon shipping.

Returns & Refunds-

Refunds: All sales are final on orders that have been shipped. Orders that are canceled before shipping will receive a full refund.

Returns: NO RETURNS*

All manufacturing has a margin of error and the save-a-bowl is no different. To compensate for the margin of error we include free save-a-bowls at a rate of 1%. If an order has a large margin of error for some reason, we will accept returns and replace them on the next order, however shipping the defective products back to is the responsibility of the customer and this must be discussed with us beforehand.